View Full Version : compile and sencha touch

4 Dec 2012, 1:59 PM
Ok, sorry for the noobness, but what are the steps to using compile instead of build for a sencha touch app? The docs seem to only walk you through using build app. Build, for one, says that is deprecated when using sencha help build. It also does not give enough flexibility.

What I want is a concatenated file of just my code to to run alongside of sencha-touch-all. That way I can remotely load my-code from inside a phonegap build.

I tried something like
compile -classpath=app exclude -all and include -namespace ExtUmf and
include -namespace mdms and concat build/temp/app-debug.js

this runs on chrome, but when I ran it from a phonegap build, it looks like it is trying to use Loader to load a bunch of Ext classes and failing.

I seem to be doing this wrong, is there a set of steps to getting from my mvc src to a file that can run along side of sencha-touch-all?