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10 Dec 2012, 8:19 AM

I recently installed the plugin and try to use it with an ongoing project.
There are several issues i noticed with it (might be a vjet problem and not the sencha plugin, ore maybe i did not fully understand how to use it)

a) How does VJET "learn" about the existence of my classes/files, does it just scan all the files in the project or does it look for the "requires" property. I ask this because some of my classes are just not "visible" to VJET

b) i had a case where a file contained several warnings. If the lines with warning were commented, then the class appeared in autocomplete, if not then it was not there. (not to mention i had to do a VJET Validate on the entire source for it to work after i commented those lines)

c) Sometimes when the editor starts, it just says Ext is not defined, sometimes a "VJET Validate" on the entire source seems to fix it (but it seems random/unstable)

d) It is not very robust when it comes to alternateClassName, singleton
For example i would like to have something like this

Ext.define('APP.util.Convert', { singleton: true, alternateClassName: 'APP.convert'

and i want APP.convert to be recognized

e)I have some class declarations where some of the properties (renderers are set like this)

renderer: APP.somesingletonclass.aFunction
and i get a lot of warnings like this "Cannot use type type::APP without active needs"
it would be nice to get rid of them (this is probably related to #c and singletons not being handled )

f) When defining models there are warnings like:
Property fields hides property of its parent type Ext.data.Model
Can these warning be removed somehow using VJET DOC comments?

g) for some overrides i do on extjs classes i get the warning
Overwriting method batch should have same signature as the method in super class
although the declaration of the function is copied from extjs code exactly.

I would be grateful if someone could answer at least some of my questions above so that i can get rid of hundreds of warnings in my code and get back to writing the actual code :)

Thank you

10 Dec 2012, 9:07 AM
I have also noticed that in classes that are not visible to VJET, the code folding does not work.

18 Dec 2012, 3:15 PM
These messages are the result of an invalid semantic validation condition in VJET itself. I came across it in a project I'm using VJET for. You can get more information about the cause here:


Judging from the changes documented in the vjet GitHub project there has been no attempt to fix this issue by the VJET team which is a shame.

Bill Seddon