View Full Version : how to provide epub file link

12 Dec 2012, 3:31 AM

I am providing a image panel and on tap even I am giving the following statement to dowload the 'epub' document.
document.location = 'resources/asset/ebook/Value of Authorized Oracle Support.epub';

In desktop browser it works fine.. the file gets downloaded.. but when browsing through mobile.. the raw binary data gets displayed instead of downloading it.

Please let me know what I am missing here.


14 Dec 2012, 5:34 AM
It's up to the browser to allow download of a file type. They don't have open support like you would have on a computer.

8 Jan 2013, 6:02 AM
But it is mobile browser.. and I have epub reader installed in my devices.. when I click epub download link.. it just display the binary content.. does not open the epub files.