View Full Version : Cells multiselection in GridPanel

15 Dec 2012, 4:58 AM
Hi. I'm looking for the way to run cells multiselection with mouse in GridPanel. So I wonder:

1) Is there any plugin for ExtJS 4 to solve this task? I've seen some nice one, but it works for Ext JS 3 only.
2) If no, could someone of you advise how to write cells multiselection by myself? The main issue: when I select a single cell in a grid (mousedown event, but not cellclick) and move the mouse to the next cell to select even that one (2 cells instead of 1), I can't handle cell mouseover event and change the CSS style of the next cell. In Ext JS 3 there's "mouseover" listener I used, but it has been removed in ExtJS 4. Could you advise me something about it? itemmouseenter works for the rows only, as I understand.


17 Dec 2012, 7:43 AM
You could extend the cell selection model to handle selects on cells to support it. Shouldn't be incredibly hard.