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19 Dec 2012, 12:48 AM
Hi All,

Apologies for putting this question under Q&A section But I think users of this forum are the right people to answer this question. I have been using ExtJS for last 8 months and I am very pleased with the controls and features it provides. Now I need to persuade larger group to start using ExtJS. I want to prepare a slide-show which should cover following.

1) Why ExtJs.
2) How it is different from Jquery and other competitors?
3) List out the domains using ExtJS? (List of application from various domains that are making use of ExtJS).
4) How good is ExtJS support?
5) How big is ExtJS development community?

Thanks in advance

19 Dec 2012, 5:51 AM
This kinda reminds me of a homework assignment... :]

A helpful link to get you started: Javascript Framework Comparison (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_JavaScript_frameworks)

20 Dec 2012, 11:43 PM
HI Friend,

Thank you for the link

20 Dec 2012, 11:44 PM
Hello All,

I was hoping for more reply. Please povide your suggestions.

21 Dec 2012, 9:09 AM