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19 Dec 2012, 3:09 AM
I got a few errors with a description, but ended up with this one:

# sencha compile --classpath=src,lib/extjs page -in=index.html -out=build/index.html
Sencha Cmd v3.0.0.141
[INFO ] Compiling page null
[INFO ] Processing classPath entry : /home/devel/kpl/projects/tree-gui/sencha-compile-temp-dir
[INFO ] Processing classPath entry : src
[INFO ] Processing classPath entry : lib/extjs
[ERROR] Error executing page compilation Failed parsing /home/devel/kpl/projects/tree-gui/src/plugins/report/controller/Main.js
[ERROR] com.sencha.exceptions.ExParse: Failed parsing /home/devel/kpl/projects/tree-gui/src/plugins/report/controller/Main.js

But the mentioned file looks fine to me :\

--- EDIT ---

Btw. I'm using an object to get all class name strings to the top of every file.

var oClasses = {
myController: 'My.plugins.report.controller.Main',
myFactory: 'My.plugins.report.helper.Factory'

Ext.define( oClasses.myController, {
uses: [ oClasses.myFactory ],

19 Dec 2012, 3:55 AM
Somehow it's because of my class string object.

Does Sencha Cmd use "requires" only or also "uses" for determining the needed classes?

Using "uses" is probably useless, since alle class files get loaded at once later...

19 Dec 2012, 6:00 AM
lol okay, Sencha Cmd could not work with my variable class names.
I used them for easy refactoring and minimizing string creation.


I changed every "uses" to "requires" and removed all the variable class names from defines and requires.

Then I increased the heap space in sencha.cfg, since 512 somehow blasted the system.

Now I don't get errors anymore, but Sencha Cmd does nothing usefull...

I end up with a all-classes.js (which has one class in it) and a index.html. Which is kinda strange since it threw a few errors about classes it couldn't find, so I had to change the define of them, but now they aren't even in the file?!

Has this anything todo with the fact, that I don't use Ext.controller.Application for my app?