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19 Dec 2012, 2:49 PM
Update 2012-12-26 - Due to a bug in theme upgrades, Cmd 3.0.1 has been replaced by Cmd 3.0.2 - http://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?252466-Sencha-Cmd-v3.0.2-is-Now-Available

We are pleased to announce that a bug fix release of Sencha Cmd (v3.0.1.283) is available.

Other than the bug fixes below, there is an command line change to be aware of: to make room for future expansion, we have changed "sencha package" to "sencha app package". This command is not often needed because "sencha app build" is more typically called, but in case you do - use "sencha app package" now instead.

IMPORTANT - You will need to run "sencha app upgrade /path/to/sdk" from your app root to upgrade the Cmd metadata in the .sencha folder. Or accomplish through manual means. If you are not using a Cmd-generated app, then this does not apply. Many fixes are in the content of the ".sencha" folder of your generated app.


Bugs Fixed

Generator (3)

SDKTOOLS-226 - The buildPaths property is obsolete and should be removed from app.json.tpl
SDKTOOLS-251 - Sencha generate form extends Ext.form.Fieldset instead of Ext.form.Panel
SDKTOOLS-273 - Generated config.rb extensions can have naming conflicts
Misc (5)

SDKTOOLS-222 - App cache checksum fails for images
SDKTOOLS-252 - Testing build have included sencha-touch.js file what would make a duplicate while running the app
SDKTOOLS-259 - when upgrading touch app from 2.0.x -> 2.1.x, sdk location isn't updated
SDKTOOLS-262 - Native build option in app-build still references 'buildPaths' app.json property
SDKTOOLS-277 - Move 'sencha package' to 'sencha app package'
Slicer (1)

SDKTOOLS-257 - Theme build does not merge images properly and is inconsistently documented

19 Dec 2012, 3:04 PM
I should mention that the theme build changes are also rather important. See http://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?252465-Changes-to-organization-of-Ext-JS-Themes-in-Cmd-3.0.2 for a discussion on this area.