View Full Version : How to hidden pie charts's label?

28 Dec 2012, 4:41 AM
i search pie and series's config and method, didn't find how to hidden a pie chart's label,who can help me?

30 Dec 2012, 9:09 AM
This doesn't have the label:

var chart = new Ext.chart.PolarChart({
animate: true,
interactions: ['rotate'],
colors: ["#115fa6", "#94ae0a", "#a61120", "#ff8809", "#ffd13e"],
store: {
fields: ['name', 'data1', 'data2', 'data3', 'data4', 'data5'],
data: [
{'name':'metric one', 'data1':10, 'data2':12, 'data3':14, 'data4':8, 'data5':13},
{'name':'metric two', 'data1':7, 'data2':8, 'data3':16, 'data4':10, 'data5':3},
{'name':'metric three', 'data1':5, 'data2':2, 'data3':14, 'data4':12, 'data5':7},
{'name':'metric four', 'data1':2, 'data2':14, 'data3':6, 'data4':1, 'data5':23},
{'name':'metric five', 'data1':27, 'data2':38, 'data3':36, 'data4':13, 'data5':33}
series: [{
type: 'pie',
xField: 'data3',
donut: 30

30 Dec 2012, 7:04 PM
thanks,but this do legend show incorrectly(don't show label),i want to get the following results(image):
i read the legend.js, i found in doSetDocked method, when set docked 'top' or 'bottom', it will set layout 'hbox' and scollable 'horizontal'.so i config legend's attr as follow:

legend: { docked: 'bottom', layout: {pack: 'center'}, inline: 'false', width: 300, height: 400, //verticalWidth: 100 scrollable: { direction: 'vertical', directionLock: true }
after docked, i set layout, inline and scrollable, i think this will override doSetDocked method's setting, but it didn't.
how can i do?

30 Dec 2012, 7:15 PM
up, I met the same problem