View Full Version : NOTICE: Migrate your Sencha.io apps to the new http://manage.sencha.io portal

6 Jan 2013, 6:44 PM
Starting with the Sencha.io SDK 0.7.5 release, developers are required to migrate their apps to the new http://manage.sencha.io (http://manage.sencha.io/) portal. The legacy http://developer.sencha.io (http://developer.sencha.io/) portal will be phased out on January 22, 2013 and apps deployed in that portal will stop working after that date. If you are a developer looking to migrate your app to the new portal, make sure to follow these steps:

1) If your app uses the Sencha.io 0.3.x SDK, then you must update your app to use the new Sencha.io 0.7.5 SDK. Note that the Sencha.io APIs have changed. If you are using any existing Sencha.io APIs then you will have to update your code to use the new APIs. The latest API documentation is available at http://docs.sencha.io/ (http://docs.sencha.io/). The latest Sencha.io SDK 0.7.5 can be dowloaded from http://download.sencha.io (http://download.sencha.io/). This new SDK includes support for Sencha Touch 2.1 and Sencha Cmd.

2) Follow the instructions included in http://docs.sencha.io/current/#!/guide/dashboard_apps (http://docs.sencha.io/current/#!/guide/dashboard_apps) to create and deploy your Sencha.io app to the new portal.

3) After you deploy your apps to the new portal, Sencha.io automatically generates the public app URL. If you wish to use a custom domain name URL instead, follow the CNAME instructions included in http://docs.sencha.io/current/#!/guide/dashboard_apps_cname (http://docs.sencha.io/current/#!/guide/dashboard_apps_cname)

Note: you may also need to delete your ".sencha.io" cookies in order to be able to login to the new portal.

If you require support, feel free to email: support@sencha.io