View Full Version : Sencha Touch 2 provisioning on iPhone

8 Jan 2013, 7:02 AM

Is anyone actually successfully provisioning to iPhone5?

I have a working app in iOSSimulator, and use:

"applicationName": "<name matching appid name>",
"applicationId": "<as in app Id on aple site>",
"outputPath": "../build/",
"versionString": "0.1",
"inputPath": "./",
"icon": {
"57": "resources/icons/Icon.png",
"72": "resources/icons/Icon~ipad.png",
"114": "resources/icons/Icon@2x.png",
"144": "resources/icons/Icon~ipad@2x.png"
"configuration": "debug",
"platform": "iOS",
"deviceType": "iPhone",
"certificatePath": "Certificates.p12",
"certificateAlias": "iPhone Developer: Gerd Busker",
"certificatePassword": "dev",
"minOSVersion": "4.0",
"bundleSeedId": "<from app id tab>",
"orientations": [
"provisionProfile":"/Users/gerdjanbusker/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles/Development.mobileprovision"

# sencha package build ios.json
completes with no errors

I've tried it with release instead of debug, without provisionProfile, I've updated xcode, updated the tools, tried all combinations of stuff I could find on the internet.

Any hints? Is there anyway to find out what is behind the extremely unhelpful:
Loading ..... Installing ..... 'App' failed to install.