View Full Version : The Atlantic Wire - a digital publishing platform developed by Modus Create

9 Jan 2013, 7:25 AM
[b]Introducing The Atlantic Wire iPad App, Built with HTML5[b]

The Atlantic Wire is an amazing iPad app built entirely with HTML5 using Sencha Touch.

The Modus Create team worked side by side with teams from Sencha and The Atlantic to make this concept a reality.

HTML5 was a perfect fit for realizing The Atlantic’s business goal of easily delivering content over the web without compromising the user experience. We’ll explain how we built this application in this article.

Following on the heels of Sencha’s recent Fastbook app, The Atlantic Wire mobile web experience highlights once again that 2013 is the year for HTML5!


Read more about it here: http://moduscreate.com/meet-the-atlantic-wire-ipad-html5-app/