View Full Version : DynamicGrid and custom renderer function???

9 Jan 2013, 6:32 PM
Hi, I am new to ExtJS and I wanna use DynamicGrid for my application. I am stuck in this problem:

I am using the definition string which will be returned from server to define my grid columns and data. But when I define new properties for a column, all of property's values will be treat as String, not as a command or function definition. For example:

{ "columns" : [ { "dataIndex" : "_id", "header" : "_id ",
"sortable" : "false",
"width" : 220,
"renderer" : "myRenderer"

The problem is when return the definition string as JSON String, the property's value is always be treated as String so it can't not be parsed as a function at ExtJS dynamicgrid.

I use a Hash map to define all of the properties, after that I convert the Hash Map object to JSON String and return to ExtJS DynamicGrid to use it.

Anybody know a solution? Thanks you so much.