View Full Version : urgently?how to maximize a portlet in portal?

22 Jan 2013, 7:57 PM
In Extjs4's portal demo, I rewrite the getTools function to demenstrate maximize, the code is here:
getTools: function(){
return [{
xtype: 'tool',
type: 'maximize',
handler: function(e, target, panelHeader, tool){
var portlet = panelHeader.ownerCt;
var owner = portlet.ownerCt;
while (owner = owner.nextSibling()) owner.hide();
owner = portlet.ownerCt;
while (owner = owner.previousSibling()) owner.hide();
portlet.ownerCt.columnWidth = 1;
so when click the maximize icon, there is nothing happend, but if use in simply column layout, this is work correctly.
so how to maximize portlet?