View Full Version : Building Windows 8 Native Applications with Sencha Touch 2.2

23 Jan 2013, 5:33 PM

Could some one from Sencha Touch team evaluate a hypothesis I have for building Windows 8 native applications. MSFT documentation suggests that JS is a first class citizen and it provides the same APIs for C#, C++ and JS. If JS is an option, is it possible to use Sencha Touch 2.2. for UI, data representation and backend exchange and use MSFT JS APIs for anything else. What are the potential caveats ? The application does not really require a lot of hardware access ( accelerometer, camera), but demands a lot of local storage via sqlite, it also needs a device resident secure storage for keeping user/session tokens. So the major question - is Sencha Touch 2.2 is a fit.

I appreciate and looking forward for your expert opinion.


25 Jan 2013, 8:57 AM
The main concern isn't what framework (Sencha Touch can handle what you are talking about) but if Microsoft's implementation allows you to do what you want. Art Kay (a guy on Services) has been spending quite a bit of time with native apps with Windows 8 and isn't having the easiest of time because of some restrictions they put on apps for whatever reason.

16 Apr 2013, 6:02 AM
I'm sorry to update this message but I am on this case : I need to develop a Windows 8 native application. (I need some functionality on a Windows 8 device)
I could see you said than in January, Art Kay has been spending time on it and found no solution.

Since January, did you find something ? Do you have some ideas for any solution?
I know than JQuery Mobile found a solution, have you search what did they do?