View Full Version : Sencha Touch can run more faster in most Android devices

23 Jan 2013, 6:27 PM
Hey All,

I've used Sencha Touch for about years. It really give me a lot of surprise. However, what the things we all concern about is the performance on different Android devices. Some run it perfect, some don't. But what's the problem? I thought the reason is hardware, but I found that browser is the culprit.

I tried lots of devices. some is really worse. I'm very crazy when I run my app on these devices using it's native browser. It's almost unresponsive. Chrome just speed up a little. However I use another browser (I don't tell it's name in order to avoid ads suspects) it is speed up a lot. So I just want to know what is the key to affect it's performance. Is the browser kernel? Is there any way to create a Android Control like WebView (maybe ChromeWebView or some custom name you know) which based-on a fast browser kernel to used on Android native app. In this case, I think it can run more faster in most Android devices.

25 Jan 2013, 9:11 AM
I can remember when the news was all about how fragmented Android was but that was due to the Android version itself. Most said that it was over stated but as a web developer it is very much so.

Not only are there different versions of Android, but let's say all Android devices were on the same version. The next issue would be that each manufacturer can have it's own build of WebKit as the stock browser so maybe Samsung is more up to date than HTC. Also the UI the manufacturers put on the device can also fight with the browser for touch events, I can remember HTC had a huge problem with that but should be more fixed these days. So fragmentation is quite alive and there isn't anything we can do about that as a framework. Using a WebView on Android will use the stock browser's core not chrome even if chrome is the stock browser on that device.