View Full Version : Collapsible Panel with "tab", instead of header bar?

26 Jan 2013, 4:54 PM
I was wondering if its possible to have a collapsable panel, that has a tab that you clicked on, to hide and show the panel, as apposed to a header?

I'm well aware of tab panels, but there a different metaphor than what I'm trying to accomplish.

I want a tab to be docked to a side of a panel, in which when clicked, another panel would than slide out and partially overlay the current panels content.

Currently docked components, and "bordered" components using the border layout, will "push over" the existing content.

So really the 2 questions are,

How do I use a tab, instead of a header bar for collapsable panels?
And how do I make a docked floating panel, that is collapsable?

And if possible keep it Architect friendly.

28 Jan 2013, 7:37 AM
You should use buttons instead of Ext.tab.Tab.

You can't have a docked floating panel. What you can do is dock a component. When you want to "expand" it, you would hide the docked component and then animate a floating component out.