View Full Version : Learning ext.nd and how to create a new document from a view action

martin meijer
6 Feb 2008, 8:06 AM
I was very surprised to see Ext.nd on Lotusphere. I didn't know it and it looks great. As soon as possible I started to use it in my new application. Now here is my question: What is the code I have to use to open a form from the action bar of a view to create a new document? I have seen the sample with the prompt but I don't know how to do this with a form. My second question is where I can find the object model for Ext.nd so I can learn the classes, properties an methodes that are available. I presume that this is not de same as the original Ext because we are working with Ext.nd that is made for domino? By the way, I am using the Beta 1 version.

update: I found out that @Command([Compose];"<myformname>") works! That was easy, I didn't expect this. But what about deleting one or more documents from a view? @DeleteDocument does not work, how can this be done?

6 Feb 2008, 11:18 AM
We have put the basic API documentation as a link within the Ext.nd web admin page. If you point a browser directly to the extnd NSF that you created you should see this interface. The docs are not getting fully parsed and hopefully this will be resolved soon. But it at least helps to give you a breakdown of the classes and some of the methods. If you really wish to learn more I suggest actually poking around through the JS files in the separate JS zip that we provide as there are a lot of comments at the top of most classes. There's a couple of the classes that have no documentation right now (Session, UIDoc) as they are generated from lotuscript agents... it is high on our todo list to find a way to document these.

As for @commands, this release is our first attempt to parse them automatically so there's only basic support. Delete document can certainly be done, and there is probably some base code to start from if you look in UIView.js.