View Full Version : Chrome textfield text-size display problem

31 Jan 2013, 2:40 AM

When using a textfield and changing font-size using an additional fieldCls class; Chrome incorrectly display the cursor size until the field get an input inside.
The side effect is if you try to simply show a value in that field, it is not shown correctly until you type any char in it.

"xtype": "textfield",
"margins": "10",
"formBind": false,
"cls": "",
"componentCls": "",
"height": 70,
"id": "ZipCode",
"width": 247,
"fieldCls": "x-form-field big-form",
"allowBlank": false

cls :
.big-form {
font-size: 55px !important;

I was not able to solve that !

1 Feb 2013, 1:58 PM
This is a browser issue, there is nothing we can do about the caret not sizing correctly in initial focus.

1 Feb 2013, 2:01 PM
Tx. I founded a solution by set the size to size-1 pixel on the show event of the container.
I will report the issue to google.