View Full Version : Scatter Plot, handle points with same coordinates

31 Jan 2013, 10:49 AM
I have a scatter plot to visualize data of the form:

name:"Test1", number:10, percent:20
name:"Test2", number:14, percent:35
name:"Test3", number:8, percent:15
name:"Test4", number:10, percent:20

So Test1 and Test2 would be on the same spot in my graph. I have a tooltip that shows the "name" of the point when you hover over it on the plot. Scatter plot does not seem to have a built-in way to handle points with the same coordinates. Right now, only Test1 is shown in the tooltip and the point at (10,20) looks the same as all the others. I want to at least show both names in the tooltip but having the point be larger or show two points somehow would be even better.

Any tips are appreciated, I havnt found much in my searching