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8 Feb 2013, 3:00 AM
Hi Sencha & The Community!

I am applying a template to menu items in ExtJs 4.1, and it seems that there is a bug for this feature, because the same code is working for ExtJs 3.4 version.
In ExtJs 4.1 a template is not applied at all, when I am providing 'tpl' and 'data' properties. It works only for 'renderTpl' and 'renderData', however mouse over selection and highlighting do not work.
In ExtJs 4.0 a template is applied for both 'tpl' with 'data' and 'renderTpl' with 'renderData' properties, but again without mouse over selection and highlighting.

The code is following.

var template = new Ext.XTemplate([
'<img class="x-menu-item-icon {icon}" />',

text: 'Test Menu',
menu: {

items: [

{ xtype: 'menuitem', tpl: template, data: { icon: 'edit', label1: 'Primary 1', label2: 'Secondary 1' } },
{ xtype: 'menuitem', tpl: template, data: { icon: 'edit', label1: 'Primary 2', label2: 'Secondary 2' } }




11 Feb 2013, 9:53 AM
This is because a menu item uses the text config not the html which the data/tpl will update the html but since that is not used anywhere it will not display it.