View Full Version : Loading combobox data using 'loader' config

Supriya Kale
15 Feb 2013, 9:25 AM

I am using Ext-js 4.1.0. I need to load the data in comboboxed without using 'store' config. I was thinking of using 'loader' config. Can anyone please tell me how to use it? As I tried that using but I get an error saying "valid target should be provided", when I try to set the target as follows.Without target the data doesn't appear in the combobox. Please find my code below:

xtype: 'combobox',
name: 'companies',
data: [],
url: 'ORT.configuration.GET_COMPANIES_URI',
scope: this,
target:: this.data


17 Feb 2013, 8:33 AM
Why can't you use a store?