View Full Version : Store performance bad after record add

Forza Bo
27 Feb 2013, 2:52 PM
So I have an application that grabs a large number of records from a server and does some processing with them, and uses these records to solve a pretty complex math problem, the results of which are graphed for the user.

The user can add new records to the store as well as modify existing records.

I have discovered that the performance of the solving function takes a huge hit after the user adds a record to the store. The total number of records does not seem to be an issue -- it seems to be merely the action of adding a record. In other words if the original set had 500 or 1000 members makes virtually no difference to the solver performance -- but add one record and it drops off by 500%. Modifying an existing record on the other hand causes no performance hit.

I don't think the issue is in my code -- famous last words, I know -- but I am wondering if I am missing something here fundamental to the use of stores and records.