View Full Version : Keep all selected rows in an EditorGrid after an edit.

1 Mar 2013, 7:20 AM

I'm really new to GXT, but a have a project which was handed over too me and I have no college who have knowledge in this field, so I have a basic question.

The project uses 2.2.5 and there is an EditorGrid with an ExtendedCheckBoxSelectionModel. The Grid has one column with checkboxes, and a two columns which are editable, one column which is calculated in a listener (AfterEdit) and one column which is not editable.

The customer wants the EditorGrid to function in the following manner:

Before the user can edit anything, all rows are selected. (This works).

Selection of the rows (using the checkbox-column) should not be affected by editing a value, now the row is selected when an edit is done, and the other rows are deselected.

Selection of the rows should only be done with the checkbox column.

I have tried to change this behaviour in every way I can imagine, but with poor result. i have tried to use the SetLocked(true) before the edit is done. This changes the behaviour so that all rows except the edited one are selected, and if i debug it seems like all items in the store are selected, but graphically the edited row is not selected.

Is there a simple way to create this behaviour?

Thankfull for any help,