View Full Version : i18n with Ext.js4: Resource Bundles!!!

6 Mar 2013, 8:42 PM

I m using i18n with Ext.js: Resource Bundles provided in https://github.com/elmasse/Ext.i18n.Bundle
My issue is: I have to change lang property dynamically by dropdown menu option. Below is the code provided in Usage.

bundle: {
bundle: 'Application',
lang: 'en-US',
path: 'resources',
noCache: true

So in what way I can change the value of lang parameter. Actually I am not able to get it outside the bundle block.
Even I have tried to print it:

So I got below:
i {language: "en-US", bundle: "Application", path: "resources", format: "property", data: i}
And I have to tried it to expand it. But not able to find out getter related to lang parameter.

Kindly suggest in what way can set the value of lang parameter.

Thanks in advance.