View Full Version : Access url from html , by using EXT js

waqas iqbal
8 Mar 2013, 11:12 PM
Hi all,
i am new to sencha ,i want to ask that i have a toolbar which was previously built using HTML .
now i built exactly the same toolbar using Extjs , i want to achieve the same functionality under this tool bar on button click i want to access this URL
<li><a href="{{=URL('analytics_dashboard','analytics_dashboard', vars = {'filter_day':'24hrs'})}}">24 Hours</a></li>

this URL is in html but it's actually a python code and , do any one tell me how to achieve this functionality??
i am in real trouble
Thanks in Advance
Waqas iqbal

10 Mar 2013, 8:56 PM
Are you able to get the anchor element with Ext JS?

waqas iqbal
10 Mar 2013, 9:06 PM
thanks mitchell for your reply,

seriously mitchell i don't know how to get the anchor element, would u make it clear to me???

Thanks again.