View Full Version : Does anyone have interest to rewrite UPU uploaded with Extjs?

8 Feb 2008, 7:13 PM
UPU (UGiA PHP Uploader) is a file uploader which allows you upload files to web server with no size limit in php. With UPU, you can monitor the uploading status with a progress bar. UPU supports multiple files upload mixed with common html form elements,

i used it when i work without Extjs, what it need is the server-side use PHP and open socket support
it is useful when user are uploading large-size file
when uploading, a real progress bar is shown

which with LGPL License, but the author stop the develop yet about in 2005
the sf url is:
( with server code and client code )
and the author site is:
http://www.ugia.cn/?p=70 ( in China )

but which is based on normal js, when file is uploaded, the page will auto redirect to another page
and its progress bar is shown in normal style
Does anyone have the interest to rewrite the compnoet with Extjs?

the main problem is which used the socket on server-side, server load maybe increse or some security trouble