View Full Version : Missing required classes sencha SDK production

14 Apr 2013, 2:14 PM
it's been a while that i am trying to let the production builds of sencha work,
i am currently using the version 4.0.7 so i am using the old SDK.

I am able to create the app-all and all-classes files successfully, they are populated
with all the stuff but when i try to put the app-all and the ext-all.js
i get an error missing required classes, the strange thing is that i made the require array
with all views stores models and controllers in the app.js before the App creation
and it looks for a strange path IE : Missing required classes: Pandora.model.Pandora.model.Tree
So someway it is duplicating the path where he is looking for the resources.
Now i scanned the jsb file and the app-all file and i found no trace of this duplicated path,
i am about to go mad after 5 days of errors.................

14 Apr 2013, 2:44 PM
I found the Error,
in the controllers i was declaring all the views using the full Path Pandora.view.TreeMenu
which wasn't giving me any errors, but when i did the production build it broke up............
I really hope that the new SDK is far more robust.................