View Full Version : Drag n Drop designer using ExtJS4 !

17 Apr 2013, 2:36 AM

Few months back, I had created a drag and drop designer in Flex 3, which would place (drag) all components inside an area and would generate an xml.

That xml would get all the properties of dropped components, like width, height, x co-ordinate, y-coordinate etc.
It would also get the component specific properties like column header names for grid component.

Also, it would be able to get me the relative aligning between the dropped components by showing a alignment line (only visible as long as the two components are nearer to each other) as I drag them more nearer to each other.

Just thought of creating a similar drag and drop designer in ExtJS 4 using ExtJS components.

Is it possible ? If yes, any thoughts of how should I be able to align them and get the required output ?

17 Apr 2013, 6:05 AM
If you have a created a designer please share the code..I need it

18 Apr 2013, 8:41 PM
Are you talking about building your own version of Sencha Architect (http://www.sencha.com/products/architect/)?

22 Apr 2013, 6:38 AM
Hi slemmon,

Building similar to something like Sencha Architect, but the output should be customizable according to my own need.

Sencha Architect outputs the code as per the dropped components.
I'm expecting an xml to be generated based on dropped components and its relative alignment w.r.t to each other.

Is it possible ? How can it be done ?