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24 Apr 2013, 2:31 AM
Hi, i'm new for extjs!
My question is how i can convert any storage record in grid element that bind one data index into column and another into row!
Model of storage is something like ['RowId', 'CollumnId', 'Value', 'ValueType','isEditable'].
I need binding RowId,CollumnId with some map that can show some Title instead.
ValueType need for the converter in order to point converter how data should be represented.
And isEditable is bool value that point is this value can editable;
So first i cat transform records into new present [RowId: id,Col1: {value1,ValueType1, isEditable1},Col2: {value2,ValueType2, isEditable2},....,ColN{...}], hence i can create dynamical model and collumn for the grid, but i think that is not the way... At this way i have some infinity problem with converters and validators, and after this how to convert editing data back, to send only changed data on the server.
Does anybody has some ideas?
Or any way how i can create some 'proxy' between storage and grid, that can convert raw data into needed grid model, and back?
Which point to find some hack way to call it when grid try to fill itself?

25 Apr 2013, 1:55 PM
There was a Pivot Grid component in 3.x, but it has not been built as a framework component in 4.x.

What you're asking seem like a very large question. To get community involvement you might need to be more specific in what steps of the build process you're having trouble with as you go.

I've not seen a community UX for you to inspect the source on - the only posting I've seen is: