View Full Version : Line chart with xfield fixed range, NOT part of data, is it possible???

21 May 2013, 6:05 AM
I have a set of data which does NOT contain the xfield information
Example of data:

I want to draw a line for each node, but where the X axis is the range 1-8 (there are thousands of entries like above).

A simpler way to put this, can I define a X range in the chart, and plot data in those x ranges, where the X ranges are NOT contained withhin the data store?

Say I want the the x range to be -100 to 100 and I then want to plot a lot of data Y values along this X range, but the X range is not PART of the data store

How can I specify the xfield so that it is a range, and the Node data above plots lines across it?

24 May 2013, 7:37 AM
I'm not 100% sure I'm following what you're asking, but if I understand the question correctly I believe the answer is no, you can't configure the chart to display the data in spite of the data. You can't set an arbitrary range and have the data conform to that range within the chart bounds. The chart will just display the data fed to it so I'm guessing what you'll need to do instead of configuring the chart is to modify the data to look like you need it to look before passing it to the chart.