View Full Version : Capturing blur event of fields on form panel on Ios devices

22 May 2013, 12:48 AM
I have a issue regarding capturing blur event of fields(text, number ,combobox etc.) when using extjs form page(Ext.form.Panel) on Ios devices.
The blur event is not being captured when i click anywhere on the form page(Ext.form.Panel) except click on any other field on the page, on the Ios device's safari
browser with ios5 and ios6 versions i.e if i click on any other field, the action written in blur event take place but the action doesnot happen if
i click anywhere on the form page.
When we check the same conditions on Pc's(desktop) safari browser then clicking anywhere on the form page the action in blur event take place.
Can any one suggest a way around as i need to close dropdowns of combobox on taping out of the combo dropdown.
IS there any event which can capture the form page tapping on Ios device?

23 May 2013, 11:24 AM
ExtJS is not currently optimized to work on devices other than PC so you may see some idiosyncrasies like this on other platforms. Touch is the framework targeting mobile platforms.