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2 Jun 2013, 4:12 PM
Hi all,

I've posted before about using ext-js 4 for the entire site and the response I got is that you *could* do that, but typically ext-js is used for a desktop like application within the browser. I understand this.. but am still a bit confused on when and/or how to integrate ext-js into my web app.

In my project, I have a simple "outside" site (that is.. some content, a sign up form, and login form). We may add a few other dynamic pieces later on, but for the most part it will consist of a few links, some videos, a sign up form and a login form.

Once a user logs in, it's got a menu with some links to mostly other forms, such as search forms, but also based on searches the user would then click on a result for more details, perhaps more form input is needed, etc.

I am far from a solid html5/css3 expert, my primary reason for looking to use ext-js 4 was it's incredible array of UI widgets and layout and that it handles all the html/css across browsers and platforms.

Where I am lost now is the current example I am working on (to learn ext-js 4 with) basically is a simple index.html file that loads the css and js ext js files, and my one app.js file. From there, the entire site would be built via the app.js file. The Learning Ext JS book I have builds their example using the MVC model and I understand MVC with regards to how it works on the server side, but my problem is.. the outside static site doesn't need MVC.. at least I think it doesn't. So how would I use EXT-JS to build a simple top/middle/bottom layout without using all the MVC stuff.. basically the layout, some static text and links, and two forms? Is there a common way to use ext-js in this manner and then once the user logs in "take over" as the full application? Or is there a better way to build this outside site, yet integarte the ext-js UI elements for the login/signup forms?

My other concern is..if I were to use say just my own html/css with minimal javascript (no ext-js) for the outside site (by outside I mean not logged in), how do I then make sure the UI that ext-js looks the same so when a user logs in and the ext-js starts taking over, the UI is looking the same? Primarily the top/middle content/bottom area, colors, etc?

Thank you all. Still trying to decide if ext-js is the right framework for me.. I'd really like to use it's powerful layout, UI widgets, and ability to do all the html/css across browsers/platforms as my last attempt manually doing this was a nightmare to handle all the different browser version problems on different platforms.

2 Jun 2013, 8:12 PM
If I were in your shoes, I wouldn't do that. There are many nice "light" libraries for simple sites like yours (take a look at PrimeUi and others). It's not that extjs is a "bad" decision, it's a "costly" decision. If you want your site to be popular with visitors, you should take care of every microsecond. That is why you should put extjs aside for some more sophisticated projects.

3 Jun 2013, 7:31 AM
I've seen some threads with a similar reply to yours. My reasoning for using EXT-JS was the full suite of widgets, UI layout, browser compatibility, etc. I figured there were high demand sites using it, but more and more I am reading that it's fairly slow compared to say hand written html with using something like jquery.

The thing is, if our site grows, it may have a few thousand visitors a day. The particular application is not going to be something millions will use. It's not an internal app either, but it's specific to an industry that has a finite number of people in the business and while we'd hope to get as many of them as possible to sign up and use our app, it's likely we'll be fortunate to get 10,000, with that probably taking years to establish.

Of course what I don't want to do is completely rewrite the UI and the technology stack we use in a year or two down the road.

For this reason I figured ext-js would be the right choice. Our site won't be a web cart, or require instant gratification, it's more like a daily web application that those in the business would use to speed up their work, greatly. Sort of like a CRM package in a company, although in our case it would be the public facing web users that would use it, not just internal to one company.

With that said, do you still think ext-js is not the right choice? Would I be better off learning jquery + jquery UI? I should add that I use java on the back end, with an MVC REST interface for the UI to talk to.

Thank you.