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4 Jun 2013, 11:23 PM

I just started using ExtJS 4.2.1 and I'm having some performance problems. My layout is composed like this:

viewport (border layout):

west: Navigation Panel
center: Content Panel (border layout):

west: filters Panel (fixed width at 250px)
center: Main view Panel (vbox layout):

simple filters Panel at the top with fixed height
TreeGrid with async loading and flex = 1

east: details Panel (fixed width at 250px)

It looks like this:

When I am expanding tree nodes and async loading is performed, it works quite slow, even in Chrome. So I opened it in page-analyzer tool that comes with samples and after node is loaded, layout is recalculated 6 times:

I also included raw data of all 6 runs (http://www.fileswap.com/dl/mX7uObE5L/) .Now I am not sure, am I doing something wrong or is it just the way Extjs 4 works becuase it seems way too slow and way too many repaints and reflows for node expansion?

7 Jun 2013, 10:33 AM
I think in order to look at this more with you we'll need to see the code - something to demonstrate the issue you're seeing.