View Full Version : Adding records to buffered store or using simple store with buffered rendering

16 Jun 2013, 2:32 AM
Hi, I think I have tried all combinations, but can't find out a 'pretty' solution for this to work.
So the simple request is like this - I would like to use grids buffered rendering, store automatic page loading (not all data at once) and use CRUD on that store functionatllity at the same time, but seems like that is not possible :(

1) If I set buffered: true into store, then buffered rendering is automatically instanitated in grid and everything seems to be ok, EXCEPT add, delete, update can't be used on buffered stores, which is super sad.

2) If I leave store as it is (not buffered) and enable bufferedrendering plugin on grid, then store doesn't fetch the necessary data, when grid is scrolled (only first page).

For now I have chosen to use the 1st solution with the combination of defining CRUD api in Model and then creating and deleting model instances, which isn't so pretty.

Isn't there really a way of buffered store usage on which I can perform .add() .delete() functions, because that seems to be really needed functionality.!

Thank you.

18 Jun 2013, 2:39 PM
At this time you are not able to add/delete/update/insert records within a buffered store.