View Full Version : DisplayField Remote mode ComboBox 4.2.1

19 Jun 2013, 1:36 AM
in ComboBox version 4.2.0 inside the initComponent method, the displayfield is used to initialized a store filter with the displayField in local or remote mode

me.queryFilter = new Ext.util.Filter({
id: me.id + '-query-filter',
disabled: true,
root: 'data',
property: me.displayField

In version 4.2.1, there is now two methods : doLocalQuery and doRemoteQuery. The displayField filter is added in local but not in remote mode hence this value is not sent to the server anymore. Does it mean we have to add the displayField "manually" to the store ( {property : "displayField", value: me.displayField } ) in remote mode in 4.2.1 ?


20 Jun 2013, 8:16 PM
With the queryMode 'local' you'd need to filter for typeAhead queries out a complete local dataset. But, with queryMode 'remote' the dataset in the store isn't filtered - just populated with the response from the server after each successful query.

20 Jun 2013, 11:57 PM
I agree but prior to version 4.2.1, the displayField value was automatically sent to the server as a filter in the store even in remote mode. Since version 4.2.1 it seems we have to pass this value manually...