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3 Jul 2013, 9:42 AM
I have a .NET MVC4 application for which I have been using Ext JS to develop the UI.

I wanted to see what my application was going to look like in the wild, so I got a free domain on Windows Azure, and uploaded everything. It's completely unminified and slow, but it seems to work fine from my computer. When I try to open the same url on a mobile device (I've tried iPad and iPhone), I just get a blank white screen.

Here is the url: http://scoutsandbox.azurewebsites.net/home/index

I understand that not all of the components will work well on a mobile device, but I at least expected the page to show up.

Should I expect the page to show up? Is this because of something I've done wrong? The layout is rather complex, and there is a lot of (necessary) nesting.


It doesn't open in Internet Explorer either. Internet Explorer just shows a white screen like the mobile devices do. I read that extra commas in the javascript could cause this.
I went through my code and found lots of extra commas that didn't belong, but removing them hasn't fixed the problem. Any ideas what might cause this?


Wow...It looks like the page only opens with Chrome. Not IE, Not Firefox, not mobile devices. When I open Firebug, I see an error: "DataView requires both tpl and itemSelector configurations to be defined."

I went through every DataView in my project, and they all have both a tpl and an itemSelector defined. Also, it's strange that it works in Chrome, but throws this error in Firefox (and apparently IE, though I don't see it.)


3 Jul 2013, 11:05 PM
ExtJS is currently optimized to work on desktop devices only - not mobile at this time.