View Full Version : Partial REST data load into store

10 Jul 2013, 3:06 AM
In my OData feed I have large data to display.
The parsing time to load the data into store is almost 20sec for 30000 records.

First i want to load first 5000 records and display it then i want to load the remaining data in background process.
How can i achieve this...???


11 Jul 2013, 9:15 PM
You might do two load() operations. In the first deliver the 5k down you want originally. In the second load operation pass "addRecords: true" and return the remaining records which will be added to the total recordset in the store.

If you're not using the grid's bufferedrenderer plugin you might consider it as well.

18 Nov 2013, 10:29 PM
mister slemmon, can you give me, example code about this issue? how can i deliver the first 5K records and how to return the remaining record?

19 Nov 2013, 2:17 PM
Here's an example:


In a real-world application you'd likely just send different params in the load() to the same url to get a different dataset from your server. But, this shows how to use the addRecords config to add to an existing set of records.