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16 Jul 2013, 8:13 AM
Hi All,
I cannot solve a problem that afflicts my line charts.
As you can see in the attached screenshot, in order to retrieve the value of a desired point (in example the yellow one), I have to go to the right of some pixel with my mouse in order to retrieve its information.
This happens with tips or when I try to put an itemclick on the serie listeners with a chart that contains a lot of points and precision is needed.


Can I ask you if this problem can be fixed?

My chart code is:

xtype: 'chart',
border: false,
style: 'background:#fff',
animate: false,
store: Ext.create('Analysis.store.IndividualChartPoints'),
shadow: false,
theme: 'Category1',
legend: {
position: 'right',
itemSpacing: 0,
boxStroke: '#fff'
axes: [{
type: 'Numeric',
position: 'left',
fields: ['pointValue'],
grid: false,
decimals: 3
}, {
type: 'Category',
position: 'bottom',
fields: ['id'],
series: [{
type: 'line',
axis: 'left',
xField: 'id',
yField: 'pointValue',
title: 'Value',
listeners: {
itemclick: function(item) {
console.log(item); //for check if is the right point
showInLegend: true,
style: {
'fill': '#000000',
'stroke': '#000000',
'stroke-width': 1
markerConfig: {
type: 'circle',
size: 3,
radius: 2.5,
'stroke-width': 0
tips: {
trackMouse: true,
width: 150,
height: 30,
renderer: function(storeItem, item) {
this.setTitle('Value: ' + item.value[1]);

Thanks a lot!

16 Jul 2013, 8:32 AM
Sorry, I found the solution!
Inside the serie, there is an attribute called "selectionTolerance".
I set it as 1.