View Full Version : ExtJS 4 TabPanel Multiple Rows

18 Jul 2013, 9:36 PM
I have done a search and could not find anything on how to make tab display in multiple rows instead of using scroller bar in ExtJS 4.

I saw that it is using Scroller in the Ext.tab.Bar.

me.layout.overflowHandler = new Ext.layout.container.boxOverflow.Scroller(me.layout);

The situation is that I have 15 tabs in my tab-panel and i want to display it in multiple rows so that the end user can change the tab easily.

Can it be done in ExtJS 4? If so, how ?

24 Jul 2013, 8:38 AM
While there's not a way out of the box to have the tabs overflow into rows the tabbar is a container of tabs which are stylized buttons that show the respective 'card' from the tabpanel. You might consider using a panel with a card layout and just docking a container of styled buttons of your own - essentially make your own implementation of a tabpanel.