View Full Version : SVN Extjs Ux Hosting

20 Feb 2008, 1:33 AM
Well I don't know what I am about to start but I am announcing an Ux central hosting solution. Anyone wishing to house there ux in a centralized location please pm me.

Currently I have setup a svn for my ux swfuploadpanel and thought it would be a good announcment to let others post in the same spot.


Current Projects:

swfuploadpanel (mikegiddens) https://svn2.hosted-projects.com/mikegiddens/extjs_ux/swfuploader/tags/0.4

Readonly Access to User Extensions:
u: extjs p:readonly

Actually I think this is a good idea as long as it is not vandalized so I will consider write access for each member since all projects are under one svn module. I also have limited space so the ux should be small to be accepted. < 200k please.

Actually I think this would be better if Extjs was doing this and had a central svn system for ux but in the mean time until they get it setup I will use mine and others are welcome.


Mike Giddens