View Full Version : extjs 4 form standard submit + extra parameters

12 Aug 2013, 4:26 AM
Hi ,

Am using standard submit option for my form panel, for download a file from server based some parameter from client, problem is am trying to pass a this extra parameter via (url (attached string)/params/baseparams) config,This extra parameter config value came as null at server side....

Also am not able to see the request going to server(can't find the request in firebug),but some how it reaches the server,
with the parameter as null....

Would be great,Can some one tell how to pass the extra parameter from client to server,while form action is standard submit also how do i get the value of parameter at the server side...

Server side am using (java rest easy calls) .....

Waiting for all of your comments.....


15 Aug 2013, 2:59 AM
To submit a param

params: {
myParam: 'abc'

Sorry, but I don't know how to request a param using Java :(