View Full Version : j undefined error while using Ext Js ext-4_2_1_883 version

14 Aug 2013, 6:58 PM
Hi, We were using Ext Js 4.1 version now and we are planned to start use Ext Js verion 4.2 to implement buffer grid.
After we changed the source to Ext Js 4.2 we are getting the error saying "j undefined" in ext-js-all.js file and the pages are not loading.
Kindly let me know where i missing.

Kindly note that, i have just downloaded Ext Js ext-4_2_1_883 version from sencha and put under the javascript path.

Kindly guide me to get rid of this issuue. Thanks a ton in advance for your kind help.

19 Aug 2013, 2:41 PM
If you use ext-dev.js instead of ext-all.js do you get a more descriptive error?