View Full Version : Ext - ext-all-debug-w-comments.js does not actually contain comments

15 Aug 2013, 8:15 AM
Seems that ext-all-debug.js and ext-all-debug-w-comments.js are the same file.

MD5 (ext-all-debug.js) = 04478678d165e04d73c2dbf4e79aa51e
MD5 (ext-all-debug-w-comments.js) = 04478678d165e04d73c2dbf4e79aa51e

19 Aug 2013, 7:49 AM
You might try downloading again. I just downloaded it and I see comments in the ext-all-debug-w-comments file. The w-comments file is 2.9M and the ext-all-debug is 1.4M. By line 27 you can see the comments kick in.