View Full Version : tabpanel doens't receive activate event if already active

19 Aug 2013, 3:08 PM
So I have a nested tabpanel like...
Panel A
subpanel A.1

Panel B
Subpanel B.1
Subpanel B.2

So if I navigate from A.1 to B.2 I call setActive (B) and then setActive (B.2) I don't get an activate event if B.2 was already the active tab under panel B. However, the event is important to me as I need to know when a user navigates to this panel. Is there another event I can listen to or a way to get the event otherwise?


Gary Schlosberg
21 Aug 2013, 8:46 PM
One way to handle this would be to put a listener on the A/B panel to catch tabchange, and then manually fire the activate event on the active tab:

listeners: {
'tabchange': function( tabPanel, newCard, oldCard, eOpts ) {