View Full Version : Ext.Ajax.request sends json post data (array items) as [object Object]

20 Aug 2013, 6:35 AM
Hi there

I am sending through my data object to the server. This object contains some string-value pairs plus an array of nested objects. These nested objects are being sent through as as [object Object], rather than being serialized down to a nested object.

I have tried encoding the data (Ext.JSON.encode) ... but this sends through a string & is not useful data on the other end.

I'm new to sencha, so excuse my ignorance not knowing what to use. I have also searched extensively for an answer on google / sencha forum & not found a solution.


22 Aug 2013, 8:15 AM
I had similar problem..these are the guidelines.

- don't have to use json.encode
- pass data using jsonData:
- check/vary json data to make sure you are passing in the right format, if you are still run into issues, send me the json data, and model

what is the server side? is it .net web api?