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21 Feb 2008, 9:34 AM

I add a TreePanel in my web site, this tree load data from the server. In firefox some times it get the complete data and some times not, i.e it is the string that I recive:

{"titulo": "Arbol Muestra", "uiProvider": "col", "id": 15, "iconCls": "task-empty", "leaf": true}
, ... ,
{"titulo": "Sistema Pendientes", "uiProvider": "col", "id": 11, "iconCls": "task-folder", "children": [[SIZE=3]{"titulo": "Revisar pendientes", "user": "Juan P

21 Feb 2008, 9:53 AM
Sounds like a problem on the server-side to me. If you could post some more details about your server-side environment maybe someone who is familiar with that environment could help you.

21 Feb 2008, 10:44 AM

Tanks for the reply.

I thought the same, but I check this with other web browser called "epiphany", and
here work always fine, the string always is complete.

I review the service in server-side and the string is ok, but when I call this service with treePanel, some times firefox cut the string. :((


21 Feb 2008, 10:50 AM
My guess would be firefox is trying to be as fast as possible and returning when it sees content while epiphany is waiting for the entire request to return. Not positive though.

We have thousands of deployments in use on Firefox though :)

22 Feb 2008, 7:47 AM
I noted that the string always is cut in the character 5739, and I don't see why.
Only occurs in treePanel and no in others components. (:|

22 Feb 2008, 8:48 AM
Ext.data.Store with the url (that I used for build the Tree) always return complete the string.
TreeLoader is the problem, not work fine with large data. I think that data.Store is more robust, but I don't know how work with data.store in a tree, maybe construct the tree from the store.:-/

22 Feb 2008, 8:59 AM
An example of loading a Tree from an Ext.data.Store was recently placed in SVN. The file is air/samples/tasks/js/ListLoader.js. It is used in the latest AIR example but could certainly be used in another Ext app.

22 Feb 2008, 9:48 AM
I have not access to svn, but I will check in others forums for examples.