View Full Version : toJSONString giving error

21 Feb 2008, 9:51 AM
Hi all,
I am new to this JSON stuff and this is what i am trying, but not succeeding in doing it,

var arr = { "one": [{ "firstname": "raj","lastname": "shyam"}], "two": [{"empno": "123","empname": "g.karthik"}, {"empDeptId": "124","empBranchName": "mec"}]}
alert(arr .toJSONString());

But this toJSONString() is throwing me an error, saying that toJSONString is not a function.
Do we need to put any extra js files to serialize the JSON data.
Any suggestions.

22 May 2008, 6:57 PM
Try Ext.decode or Ext.encode (read the docs)