View Full Version : EXTJS Bug?: TabPanel does not work correctly in Safari browser for Windows

16 Sep 2013, 12:22 AM
Hi All.
It relates Safari browser for Windows (i use for tests Safari for Windows v5.1.7, EXTJS 4.1.1 - 4.2.1) .

If you have a TabPanel with multiple tabs and you open a new tab with a PDF document, then you can not more switch between the tabs (the Tabs are active, but their content cannot be seen). My colleague tested it (also PDF in TabPanel) for ExtGWT, and it worked well for it.

I have built a simple TabPanel for testing (attached file). You can download it and check it on your local computer.

Below is a code snippet for adding the PDF to the TabPanel:

onClickButton1: function ( button ) {
var tabPanel = Ext.getCmp('id_tabPanel');
var tab = tabPanel.add({
xtype: "component",
title: 'PDF',
closable: true,
autoEl : {
tag : "iframe",
src : 'http://www.bologna-berlin2003.de/pdf/bologna_declaration.pdf', //or any other pdf-file

It's a bug? Or am i doing something wrong?

16 Sep 2013, 1:53 AM
I believe this is some kind of an issue with Safari on windows and plugins.
Anyway, Apple has dropped its support, so, I believe, you should consider changing the browser.

16 Sep 2013, 2:50 AM
I have no plugins on my Safari browser. My colleague tested this EXTJS snippet on his computer and he had the same bug. The Safari browser 5.1 is still using by ca 2% all users and i would like to know if the tabpanel bug is easy to fix.

Surprisingly the same approach ( "iframe", PDF in TabPanel) works for ExtGWT well on Safari 5.1.7. This means that the problem related to EXTJS-Framework

I'll test it tomorrow on Macbook (Safari 6) and post the results here.
Maybe someone wants to test it now. Everything you need can be found in the attached files.

16 Sep 2013, 10:43 PM
Okay. I tested the TabPanel for Safari 6.0.5 (Mac). And found out - it works.
I think it's really best to no longer support the version 5.1.7 for Windows. I have no quick fix for the bug anyway.