View Full Version : Need help with IE8 - Object expected error

24 Sep 2013, 1:07 AM
I need help with an Object expected error in IE8 (ExtJS 4)

The error message is:
Object Expected
and it points to ext-all.js Line 15 character 42689

On further debugging the line that is throwing the error is in bold below:

instantiateByAlias:function(){var h=arguments[0],g=e.call(arguments),i=this.getNameByAlias(h);if(!i){i=this.maps.aliasToName[h];Ext.syncRequire(i)}g[0]=i;return this.instantiate.apply(this,g)},instantiate:function(){var i=arguments[0],h=e.call(arguments,1),j=i,k,g;if(typeof i!=="function"){g=this.get(i)}else{g=i}if(!g){k=this.getNameByAlias(i);if(k){i=k;g=this.get(i)}}if(!g){k=this.getNameByAlternate(i);if(k){i=k;g=this.get(i)}}if(!g)
{Ext.syncRequire(i);g=this.get(i)} //debugger points here
return this.getInstantiator(h.length)(g,h)}

I am getting this issue only if this application is running on an external url (www.<env-name>....). Internal url (localhost) does not throw this error.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

24 Sep 2013, 1:20 AM
use ext-all-debug.js instead and see if you can find out where exactly the error is happening. what part of your code uses URLs? try setting breakpoints there and debug.

24 Sep 2013, 1:55 AM
instantiateByAlias: function() {
var alias = arguments[0],
args = slice.call(arguments),
className = this.getNameByAlias(alias);

if (!className) {
className = this.maps.aliasToName[alias];
args[0] = className; //error here

return this.instantiate.apply(this, args);

This application is hosted on the client's network. The issue happens in IE8 when the url used to access the application is www.<company-url>. There is no issue on the local development environment.