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25 Sep 2013, 3:05 PM
i'm interested in sencha bundle of product.

First, I understand it can make touch apps, desktop apps.... but can it make websites ?

Also, vital part of my strategy is to have my content spidered by search engines.... is this even possible with sencha products ? What's the strategy ?

Please advise on how this issue is handled by devs as this is obscure still.

26 Sep 2013, 2:42 AM
Partial answer:
You can create mobile Websites with Sencha Touch and desktop Websites with ExtJS.
The main difference here is that Sencha Touch does not support all browsers (Opera, old IE,... but mainly mobile browsers).

Spidering with Sencha Touch might be a bit complicated as you would have to:
- definately use routing
- change the meta data on the fly
- work with webmaster tools in deapth

I am not sure how this is handled in ExtJS though